September 25, 2014

WordPress vs. Ghost – Which Blogging Platform Is Right For You?

In 2012 John O’Nolan–designer, developer and former deputy head of the WordPress UX team–published a radical new design concept. It was original, elegant, simple, and made instant waves in both the WordPress community and the wider blogging community. The concept was for a new blogging platform he called Ghost.

The buzz lasted throughout the ensuing months, through the Kickstarter campaign that made his concept a reality, and then slowly fizzled out during the actual development of the product itself.  It seems that everyone is waiting to see if the new platform will live up to the high expectations it debuted with. And if not, then perhaps to let their enthusiasm die a subtle, unnoticed death. But of course we can’t let that happen.

So let’s talk about Ghost now. Today. How it currently compares to WordPress and what the future of these two platforms might have in store for us. After all, Ghost has been hailed as a “WordPress Killer”, the “new direction of blogging”, the “first exciting thing to happen to blogging in years” and much more. All of this high praise begs the question: is it true? Is it the next big thing for blogging and online publishing in general? Will it supplant WordPress as the best and most popular blogging platform in the world?

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